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The latest full-
length album,
Stuff Gets Bent
is out now. Download your copy, or order the limited edition CD in hand-crafted, 100% recycled packaging [more]

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First single from the brand new album Exciting New Ventures in Fucking UP is up now! The rest of the album is coming this spring, pre-order a copy on bandcamp.

March 6 - 23, 2015: Western Canadian Tour
w Drum and Bell Tower

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A video for Bitter Roots from Stuff Gets Bent (2013).

cover cover

The brand new album Stuff Gets Bent is out now on jellyfish.

Experimental filmmaker Nikolas Tsonis' "visual roaming through the musical landscapes of Blocktreat."

A video for Painted Boat Oh Painted Boat featuring the psychedelic artistry of Axiom (Harold Richter). Shot by Adrian St Louis, and edited by Conor Higgins.

Here's a track from Jellyfish Recording's 2011 beat compilation Another Dimension. Proceeds from the album go to Arts Umbrella. Swick tracks from Chief, Tight Mike and Moka Only, so download that shit right now and pay whatever you want.

The Pipedreams Project from Ryan Vande on Vimeo.

This film about the Enbridge project has been picking up a lot of steam. Support these cats. The film also features the music of Blocktreat.